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Auction Time: April 24, 2014 / 09:13 AM PDT
Corky Packard LFCL Tumbler Red Hen - See New Pictures!
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Auction Start: 10/12/2011 / 06:19 PM PDT  
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Corky Packard LFCL Tumbler Red Hen

A very nice stock LFCL Tumbler hen from the loft of Corky Packard, CA. BN 200 NPA 07. The loft of Packard and Santos has won repeatedly on the National scene. They are outstanding breeders of both LFCL & Muffed Tumblers. This is a very nice stock red Tumbler hen capable of breeding show winners. She is in a moult right now and showing it in the pictures.


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