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Red Fox Janssens
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Auction Start: 11/01/2010 / 10:03 PM PDT  
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4 Quality Red Fox Janssens

Up for auction are 4 quality red fox janssens 2cocks and 2 hens they are all out of the same sire a inbred son of my foundation cock  The one in photo is #13609 -07 like all my red foxes is very muscler they are like the Samson or Hercules of the pigeon world  they are larger size birds very hard body great for putting more strength in lighter speed birds. i've gotten several feedback on how well they did crossed on Hofkans. The other 3 are late hatch 09's  the other cocks #5588 is red check  the hens #15020-15025 are nest mates ones blue check self the others blue check pied they are all the same quality.I haven't breed from any of them because i breed only in individuals and have since 1976. I limit my self to only 6 pair of breeders and these 4 would take me over that.
 To give you a example of the quality of this family these 4 birds sire named Samson #4588  -01  his nest mate #4600 a hen was sold to Steible loft a father and son team this hen raised them a cock that won them 5st. and that cock inturn became their foundation cock. Another example 13609's grand dam on the hen side bred a futurity winner for another loft  i could go on and on about them they are that good if u want anymore about them write.
Thank you


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