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Funeral Sale, Super Group of birds
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Raisng money for uncles funeral, selling super group of birds.

Selling some birds to help for my uncles funeral cost.  I am very limited on birds and these are off some of the best birds that I have acquired over the years. Sadly, the parents to all of these birds have been stolen in September as my breeding loft was the only section that was taken.  These birds and their siblings are all I have left, and due to  certain circumstances, I am  selling a few off to help pay for my Dads only brother's funeral.  All birds are fully pedigree but I can't post  up the parents pedigree on here because their parents are again stolen and I do not want the theives to have the pedigrees or info if I post it up.  Please look at the birds and if you are interested or have question feel free to email me.  I do think the birds are worth more than the listed price and I am willing to take the sacrifice as I'm not trying to make a quick buck but to tend to something more important.

Bird 1) Is a Grandson of Gablers 243 cock shown ( The Sire to this bird is a direct son of 243 when bred to a direct daughter of mr. aristona making him a grandson of avenger and mr. aristona. The dam is aristona grondelaer  her Sire is a gr. son of denational and mr. blue and her Dam is an inbred aristona hen ( dble grandson of aristona x daughter of mrs hulk hoggan)

Bird 2) Dble great grandson of 243 (  The sire and dam are full brothers and sisters.  The grandsire to this bird is the direct son of 243 mention under bird 1 and the grand dam is an aristona/ loon hen ( sire gr son of aristona/arieslyn x daughter of 243/gr daughter of hekkenklak)

Bird 3) Direct son off My AU hen that scored in top 10 in the 2008 convention.  The sire is mysticman 16 Half brother to equal first vegas 2002 and the dam Is my AU Hen (inbred aristona ) sire being Direct son of aristona  and the dam is a dble grand daughter of aristona ( Half sister to ken christopher equal first vegas bird)

bird 4) Sex is undetermined, Sire and Dam are off Jojos international. Down from the spanjaard janssens from the lines of their 058 blood.

Bird 5)  Grand daughter of Mr. in the money.  Sire is direct son and dam is grand daughter of mr. in the money

Bird 6) Hen, this bird is out of two birds that I spent the least in all my years of acquriing birds and they turn out to be one of the best I've own. She is an addition to the sale as I would like someone to try the blood out.  The  Sire to this bird was purchased for $5 and Dam was free as it flew to the loft.( I was told the bird was grady kuhn's bird sent down here to race a gold band race and the bird was lost, I was told to keep it)  The sire to this bird was a late hatch that I was training for old birds, the bird was hurt during a 40mile coming home with a  torn crop. He was stitched and recovered then given to my cousins in Michigan.  4 days after being in Michigan the bird escaped and flew home. The bird has been with me ever since.  Dam is white grizzle off long distance, I paired her with the detroit cock and offsprings just hit. I use this pair for my long distance blood. 


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