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Auction Time: April 21, 2018 / 08:04 PM PDT
Auction 35495
Dreadnot Loft-Silver Sarina,Rivaldo,Czech,Queen of Darkness
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10-MRC-1187 Grizzle hen-Out of the best long distance bloodlines that Speed Shop Loft ever flew.

This beautiful grizzle hen was bred off  8478 and 8405. 8405 is a full sibling to AU 05 SSL 5231 BBC"Mr Marathon 5231-and winners through 742 miles for Mike Schmidt. This was one of the best pairs in Speed Shop Loft. 8478 was bred off Champ Stamp and the L'etoire du Nord Hen. They don't get any better than that. Mike bred this pair for the first time just before his disposal sale. This   hen should be a foundation distance breeder .


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