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Auction Time: May 25, 2018 / 02:05 AM PDT
Auction 61864
Manor loft fabry
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Auction Start: 08/07/2017 / 10:29 AM PDT  
Auction End: 08/13/2017 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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 2016 au 16088 MFLFT well to start to describe him in my opinion he is huge two handed is how you hold him rock solid and packed with muscle if you don't like big birds I would recommend passing on him .

i have not breed from him the only reason I am letting him go is I didn't breed much this year and had a lot of good pigeons sitting in the loft .

large in size very soft feathering and a lot of it strong pigeon good one pin tail .

if you don't mind big birds you will be happy with this guy .

thank you 



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