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Auction Time: August 17, 2018 / 09:42 PM PDT
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Auction Start: 10/10/2017 / 07:02 PM PDT  
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DV-0881-140-10 "OPHILIA" BC HEN Bred & raced by Heribert & Raimund of Germany

This is one incredibly high quality hen! I was lucky enough to purchase her from Mike Ganus. He hand selected her from the Roidls loft. There she was a champion racer winning 2nd vs 3403 pigeons at 431 km, 11th vs 977 pigeons at 254 km & 12th vs 1318 pigeons at 319 km. She was featured on their website. "Ophelia" is medium in size with a one pin tail and strong perfect body. She has a very rich orange eye. She's 100% fertile and has bred fantastic racers at all distances & conditions. She's one really special bird, her next owner will be very happy with her youngsters!


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