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Auction Time: May 21, 2019 / 07:34 AM PDT
Auction 62462
Lot 10.  Ulrich Lemmens   16 BELG 6025412 FATHER: 8003074-2008 “Olympic Alpha”
Auction #62462




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Auction Start: 10/17/2017 / 11:21 PM PDT  
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 Lot 10.  Ulrich Lemmens   16 BELG 6025412
FATHER: 8003074-2008 “Olympic Alpha”, He’s 7 times inbred to world famous “Kannibaal” of Dirk Van Dyck! But he’s not only a good pedigree, he is a TOP breeder. He has bred an “Olympic Pigeon” which is the highest possible ace pigeon title in the world! He has bred me two top ten national winners and he has bred the 6th Best Young Bird of Belgium for Maarten Leutenez!! MOTHER: 6222091-2015 “HALF SIGI”, What’s in a name … She’s a halfsister to “Sigi” probably one of the best hens of whole USA. She bred 2 different Hoosier Classic winners and she bred 1st prize in the Grain Belt!! She moved now from Don Riedel to Jim Gablers loft for big money! This hen is also a daughter of “JI JANE” which is a granddaughter of the “Kannibaal” of Dirk Van Dyck. Ji Janse is also mother to the best breeding hen of Germany for Martin Steffl.


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