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Auction Time: May 21, 2019 / 08:39 AM PDT
Auction 62497
 Lot 40.  Ulrich Lemmens   16 BELG 6025536
Auction #62497




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Auction Start: 10/19/2017 / 09:30 AM PDT  
Auction End: 11/02/2017 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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Auction image


 Lot 40.  Ulrich Lemmens   16 BELG 6025536

FATHER: 6032369-2012 “THE PRINCE”, the new rockstar of the loft. He has bred so many good birds in several generations. And, he is extremely good looking, maybe a little bid weak in the back, but his eye makes up for all of that. He was an all round raced with top results from 100 – 500 miles! He is also pure inbred to my foundation pair, that’s maybe the reason why he is such a good cross! MOTHER: 6222485-2015, my favorite bred hen of 2015. You’ll never believe it … but yes, she’s now also calling home at ADL! She is a unique hen bred of my best racing cock “Thriller” when crossed with the best sister “De Gust” I have. A Pure inbred! Amazing bird, with great future!


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