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Auction Time: November 22, 2018 / 02:34 AM PDT
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Cornella Family Loft Reduction Sale




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17 JEDDS 17738 – Blue Male Bigger than medium powerhouse


IF YOU LIKE FABRYS, THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET AN EXCEPTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THIS FAMILY:  Several years ago a fancier from Taiwan bought most of my Old-Line Fabrys.  I kept one pair back for my own use and they are now getting a bit long in the tooth.


Offered is a big, strong bird, if out-crossed to a closely bred performance family, should breed powerful, competitive racers that will excel in tough races, especially where the weather is hot and humid. 


I am proud of this family of old-line Fabrys. They are competitive on hard and long races, and win shows.  They are fast maturing birds that are good prospects for youngbird futurities.  They cross exceptionally well with Janssens and Meulemans.   When the speed birds go down, the Fabrys and Fabry-crosses keep coming.


This family of birds has produced numerous prizewinners, particularly in the 500-mile races.  This bloodline is responsible for money winners, concourse section winners, race winners and diploma winners in many parts of the country. 


These Fabrys have always been kept straight and are line bred on Ganus’s famous 180, the best producing Fabry to breed in the US, and go back to Mouchette and MacArthur.  


My Fabrys have been handled by Jack Barkel, a world-renowned eye-sign expert and pigeon grader. Fabrys from my loft have earned his highest grading and marks in lofts in Washington and Illinois.  He has graded birds all over the world and he says my Fabrys are as fine as them come.


100% Satisfaction guarantee.  Return the bird for any reason within 72 hours for a full refund.  Return postage not included. 


International shipping via approved agents


Buyers will incur additional costs if a health certificate is required.


Paypal, Money orders and personal checks accepted.


Sex Not Guaranteed.


Celebrating 50+ years of breeding and racing pigeons.

Check out my Feedback Page to see what other flyers say about my birds.  The reputation of my loft speaks for itself. 


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