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Auction Time: November 19, 2018 / 07:55 AM PDT
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M&D Evans Best Foundation Vandenabeele Breeders
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15FMT1003 BBH Vandenabeele

“Shadow” was a SUPER BREEDER. Over six generations of winners, including over 50 x 1st Open Classic & National winners. Jester and Carrie were also two of the GREAT FOUNDATION BREEDERS for M&D Evans. The Sire to FMT1003 is a Gr-son of all 3 of these Foundation breeders.

 In 2014,  I was able to purchased 10NEHU5293 from Lou Coletta who purchased him based on very strong recommendation by M&D Evans loft. I have seen outstanding results ever since I started breeding from him. Nehu 5293’s father is a son of Jester and Carrie and his mother is a daughter of Shadow and Carrie. Three of the very best Vandenabeele  breeders that M&D Evans owned. In the last 3 years of racing since I  purchased him, his children and gr-children are responsible for over 20 Top 10 finishes including six 1st place wins in Martinez Club/Bay City Combine YB’s. They are especially good when they get to the longer distances.

These Vandenabele birds can fly every week and are competitive from 100-400 miles as YB’s.  A Gr-son in 2017 was 10th  Overall Ace Pigeon of California per AU National Data Base flown by Petros Loft.  

 Sire: 10NEHU5293-  Gr-son of "Jester & Carrie" and "Shadow & Carrie"  SUPER Foundation breeders for M & D Evans. NEHU 5293 is the foundation of my Vandenabeele family.

 Dam: 05 LVL 510 – Vandenabeele/Van Loon Super Breeder. Daughter of " King of Estempes" Bred winners w/5 diff mates. She is the best breeding hen in my loft. Her half brother 05 LVL 503 was 2nd in 2005 Snowbird Race –lost by 19 sec. 

 15FMT1003 BBH is a very nice balanced hen with great muscle and tight vents. These Vandenabeeles are smaller in size.  The bloodlines of this bird represent the very best from M&D Evans.



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