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Auction Time: October 18, 2018 / 09:08 AM PDT
Auction 63697
17 RRR 837 bb hen?, Clausing Houbens 410 and Never Say Die and Avilla's Never Say Die & Sun Goddess
Auction #63697
Triple P Racers




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Auction Start: 01/10/2018 / 03:21 PM PDT  
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837 is a nice handling medium build, probably a hen but not guaranteed, with an excellent dense pearl eye with full COC.

837's father is 09  RRR 892 a son of Clausing 26 and Avilla's 24485.  You should all know about these birds and can catch up on reading the pedigrees.  These are some of the best Houben racers or breeders out there.  410, Never Say Die and Sun Goddess.

837's mother is 11-OXF 24303 off a full brother to Never Say Die and Sun Goddess's daughter.  These birds have bred some of my best racers in club/combine/convention and OLR's.

This nice young hen would make a good mate for 09 RRR 869 also in this auction.


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