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Auction Time: January 18, 2019 / 12:08 PM PDT
Auction 63699
17 RRR 843 bb hen?, off Josef Joosen imports
Auction #63699
Triple P Racers




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Auction Start: 01/10/2018 / 03:48 PM PDT  
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Auction image


843 is a nice handling late hatch, probably a hen, not guaranteed, with a brown eye and black flecking background usually a sign of distance birds or toughness.

843's father is 12 Belg 6195844 purchased by Matt Weisbrock from the nest of Joosen.  Study the pedigree and see all the great racers especially 05 Belg 6306292 the "Marseille Cock".

843's mother is 11 Belg 6329832.  Mother to 6329832 is 03 Belg 6437325 who is the mother to the 'Marseille Cock'.  Tremendous blood behind this pair of Joosens.


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