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Auction Time: March 23, 2019 / 11:29 AM PDT
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AU 17 MEIS 149 - Pencil Cock

100% Alfons Klaas

Direct son of "Alfonso 704" & "Sister Mark".


Alfonso 704's full brother bred "Stina" 3rd Grand Avg SAMDR & his 1/2 brother "Alfonso Jr" won 4th Grand Avg & 16th 411mi SAMDR.  His full sister is grandmother to 1st Natl. Ace Young Bird '12.  3 generations of winners down from "Alfonso 704"


Sister Mark is a full sister to "Mark" German National Champion & daughter of one of the best sisters to "Birdy" the best SAMDR Performer ever.  Sister Mark is also a 1/2 sister to Ken Easley's Kon Bird.


Sibling to:

eq 1st 7th to trap 350mi Fall Classic OLR '17

eq 1st 3rd to trap 350mi Flying Aces OLR '17

eq 1st 250mi Fall Classic OLR '14
eq 1st 150mi Fall Classic OLR '14


Siblings bred:

eq 1st 2nd to trap 350mi Fall Classic OLR '17


1st 300mi NMRPC Auction Race '16 - Sold for $2,760 on IPIGEON
1st 113 miles vs 177b MPC '15
1st 113 miles vs 231b MPC '15
*1st 250mi vs 455b NMRPC '16
*1st 100mi vs 324b NMRPC '16
2nd 236 miles vs 146b MPC '15
3rd 442 miles Topeka Midwest Natl Classic vs 3,619b '16
4th Ace Sprint American International Challenge '17 - M & J Conncection
16th 400mi vs 401b NMRPC


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