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Auction Time: July 23, 2019 / 03:49 PM PDT
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AU-17-TONYLOFT-5409, Helmut & Alfons Klaas
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Tony Loft ????




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Helmut & Alfons Klaas


Helmut & Alfons Klaas


Sire is son of Little Ken

Dam: Insomina 

Helmut & Alfons Klaas (Rietberg, DE): the undisputed number one in One Loft Races!

Do Helmut & Alfons Klaas have a different type of pigeons, or do they simply have higher quality birds? Perhaps their pigeons are better suited to the particular environment of a One Loft Race, or perhaps they can adapt to it more quickly.

We haven't yet found the answer, but it goes without saying that they are the undisputed number one in one loft races. It explains why their pigeons are in such a high demand. All it takes for a fancier to win an important race or to finish up high, is a pigeon that comes from the breed of Helmut & Alfons Klaas.

The list of top results worldwide goes on and on. We have summarized the most important achievements of the pigeon breed of Helmut and Alfons Klaas in the one loft races:

1st Prize Final CARNIVAL CITY OLR 2014

1st Prize Final DERBY ARONA Teneriffa 2013

1st Prize Final SUN CITY 2,402 pigeons 2007

1st Prize WORLD ACE CHALLENGE in the US 2007

1st Prize Hot Spot 1 Teneriffa 2008

1st Prize Hot Spot China 1,432 pigeons 300 km 2009

2 x 1st Prize Tribünenflüge Germany 2010

1st Prize Final SUN CITY (Kitchenbrand Loft) 2011

3rd Prize Final SUN CITY (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012

1st Prize Grand Average (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012

1st Prize Final ALLFLIGHT 521 km 2012

1st Ace Pigeon Hot Spot ALLFLIGHT 2012

3rd, 5th, 7th Prize 2nd Hot Spot Teneriffa 2008

7th, 11. Prize Semi Final Teneriffa 2009

5th Prize 2nd Hot Spot Teneriffa 2009

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