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Auction Time: February 18, 2019 / 04:58 AM PDT
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AU-17-TONYLOFT-5758, Inbred to Kleine Dirk
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Tony Loft ????




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Inbred to Kleine Dirk


Inbred to Kleine Dirk 

Sire is Son of Charley and Queen of The Netherlands 

Dam Bred 1st 346 miles Arizona Derby OLR 2016.


NL-03-1731705 "Charley" World Famous Breeder.

Best of all his children and grandchildren breed winners. 

Best son of “Kleine Dirk” 

Charley’s full sister “277” has bred winners in Taiwan already.

Charley bred "Fast as Lightning"
1. Heverlee 9,076 b.
5. NPO Le Mans 11,248 b.
7. Nat. GP Le Mans East 25,000 b.
8. NPO Orleans 18,127 b.
9. St. Ghislain 4,439 b

NL-98-5821416  Kleine Dirk 
World famous racer and breeder
1st National Ace Pigeon 1999
5th World Champion Youngsters 1998
1st NPO Troyes 17,833 birds
1st NPO Bourges 7,155 birds
1st Maaseik 3,522 birds
1st Troyes 2,423 birds
"Kleine Dirk" is father to  Country Girl
1st Chimay 3,246 birds
4th Sourdun 13,426 birds
26th Albis 10,030 birds
35th Orleans 10,039 birds
"Kleine Dirk" is father to "Young Dream"
9th Orleans 10,825 birds
15th Ablis 13,020 birds
20th Boxtel 13,496 birds
27th Etampes 9,679 birds

NL-00-2479400  "Queen Of The Netherlands" 
Mother of "Miss Wonderful" & Half-sister to "Magic Man"
"Miss Wonderful" winner of
1st National Ace Pigeon 500-700 km racing 2006
5th NPO Orleans 8,626 birds
5th NPO Blois 5,737 birds
6th Creil 12,341 birds
"Magic Man" winner of
1st Le Mans 15,252 birds
3rd Fastest 99,104 birds

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