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Tony Loft Special , TONYLOFT-5624
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Tony Loft ????




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Inbred to golden witten


Ludo Classens

Inbred to golden witten

Sire is Ludo Classens 366

Dam is Ludo 10266

Ludo Claessens

The pigeons of the phenomenal Ludo Claessens performed at an exceptional level in the 1980s and ‘90s, which is when he managed to dominate the young bird classics.

Ludo Claessens managed to dominate the national race from Orléans, one of the most important races in The Netherlands. This made him the most successful Oréans fancier ever. 1991 was his strongest season, with a total of 34 basketed young birds. He took the five first prizes in Rayon 1B that season and he had 33 young birds in the national results. Ludo overpowered his opponents in the race from Chatêauroux as well, which took place two weeks later. His biggest strength is his drive to win and we would like to show you some of his biggest victories with the young birds from Orléans, just to illustrate how strong he was at the time:

1987  Nat. Rayon 1B    9,119 p.  1-3 (Donker 02)

1991  Nat. Rayon 1B    8,210 p.  1-2-3-4-5-8 (NL91-9187757 Het Nationaaltje)

1993  Nat. Rayon 1B    7,407 p.  1-9-13 (NL93-9385040 The Dream)

1995  Nat. Rayon 1B    5,445 p.  1-6 (NL95-9590379 Red Arrow)

2001  Afdeling 2      10,974 p.  1 (NL01-0179456 Red Quinty)

2003  NPO-vlucht       1,853 p.  1-5-8 (NL03-0375941 Jonge Supercrack)

2004  NPO vlucht       1,787 p.  1-2-5

2007  NPO vlucht       9,096 p.  1-3-5-9  (NL07-3728152 Super Vedette) 

B-89-6280672 golden witten

Ludo Claessen’s “Gift from Heaven”. 

4 Generations of Winners in 5 Different Countries. 

Father and grandfather to: 

Yeti (NL 9964498-99) 1st Morlincourt 15,000 birds; 

Casper (NL 9835807-98) 1st Perrone 4,191 birds; 

White Cloud 8th Niergies 4,339 birds; 

Cinderella 10t Nijvel 2,281 birds; 

White Diamond 1st Nijvel 2,348 birds

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