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Auction Time: March 23, 2019 / 12:12 PM PDT
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Cornella Family Loft Reduction Sale




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SCARLET DEVIL -- Red Hen 18 JEDDS 21524


Several years ago I started a new family I call Scarlet Devils based on an outstanding Ludo Classen hen crossed to several performance families.  Offered is a beautifully colored hen with a powerful racing type body that is inbred to my foundation Classen hen.  When you handle this bird you will know the true meaning of holding a winged athlete.


****  To date, the Scarlet Devils have won 35th CJC Combine in a 250-miler vs. 2650 YBs along with money in the 2013 North Hudson Futurity against some of the toughest competition in the Northeast.  In 2014 a cock brought home money by placing 10th vs. 500+ YBs in the Queen City Futurity.  He also was 62nd Central Jersey Combine in an 150 mile race vs 2665 YBs.   Church Loft won 1st Skylands Club and 25th in the competitive Central Jersey Combine vs. 1189 OBs in a tough 500-mile race in 2016.


*** Pedigree of sire posted.


*** No shipments when temperatures at shipping and destination points are more than 90F.


 *** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Return birds within 72 hours for a full refund.  Return postage buyers responsibility.


*** International shipping via approved agents.


***Gender not guaranteed.


*** Money orders and personal checks accepted.  


*** Celebrating 60 years of breeding and racing pigeons.  The reputation of my loft speaks for itself.  Check out my FEEDBACK page.  I am proud of my reputation and the quality of birds I sell.


*** 25% of the proceeds from this sale donated to the IF Scholarship Fund




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