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Auction Time: March 23, 2019 / 11:20 AM PDT
Auction 66665
Red Sion Cock
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Auction Start: 11/06/2018 / 02:07 PM PDT  
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18 Tony Loft 12052-Red Sion Cock

 Bought as a hen, turned out to be a cock. Parents from Sky Lake Loft. Grandson of Jess. 1st  400, 1st 300, 4th 262. Gina 1st at 260, 1st at 234, 2nd at 400. Juju 1st overall Ace Digest 2002 YBS. 1st California State Hall of Fame. Josh 1st 225, 2nd 325. Predictable VG Flyer 1st 500, 1st 300 etc... Bred 4 different race winners. Strong, well built bird. One feather tail, apple body. Original pedigree in the box.


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