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Auction Time: March 23, 2019 / 11:22 AM PDT
Auction 66676
15 GFL 753 Bl Bar C, Ganus 'Prime Time & Gaby's Best. Natural, Mona Lisa, Rudy, Ramona Picanol blood
Auction #66676
Triple P Racers




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Auction Start: 11/07/2018 / 01:33 PM PDT  
Auction End: 11/11/2018 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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GFL 753 is a very handling medium plus cock, nice pearl eye with black flecking, and 1/2 blk COC. Sits in hand nicely, calm, tail down.

Look at GFL 753 pedigree.  Many of Ganus's very good breeders all grand parents.  Read what Mike wrote on his pedigree.  GFL 113 a brother to San Farncisco's Bay Triple Crown average speed winner.  "Prime Time" one of top 10 breeders and you have Gaby's Best, direct off 'Rudy'!!  Selling like hotcakes and expensive on PIPA.  Need to to cut back on birds due to health issues and potential move.

You'll like this cock. Sold a brother to him last week.  Almost like twins.


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