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Auction Time: May 24, 2020 / 06:06 PM PDT
Auction 67118
Tilson linebred to Vegas hen, BB Cock, brother to 3rd Flamingo
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Auction Start: 12/04/2018 / 11:12 PM PDT  
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Tilson linebred to Vegas hen, BB Cock, brother to 3rd Flamingo

18-CMC-1074 BB Cock, full brother to 3rd at 225 miles 2018 Flamingo OLR, 4th average speed after two races, the 325 miles main race is on 12/9, same day this auction closes so who knows? 

This is a gorgeous young cock, late hatch bred for stock. he is perfect in every way and bred from two of my best families, Tilson and ET. "Vegas Hen" needs no introduction, and "ET" is half brother Hollywood, sons of "Breeders Best" one of Ganus's all time greats.

These birds are great for one loft and futurity money races, this year alone they've scored 1st at the EGM Bond special race (47 min ahead), 39th AU Convention race, 3rd Flamingo 225 miles race, etc

I am sure you will be very happy when you open the box, this cock has the potential to found a loft... if you're lookig for a pair, he will match well with CMC-3407 BBWF hen also in this auction.

Call/text with questions, Good Luck! 


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