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Auction Time: May 24, 2020 / 06:48 PM PDT
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Proven cross paired couple
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Paired couple!!! These bloodlines crossed have bred me various winners, the mothers of both of them have extraordinary flying records. The sire’s are both inbred’s bred for stock. The cock is 2014 of the original Belgium Van Der Voss crossed with a hen with a great flying record(yet didn’t handle nice). The hen is a 2017 of my best Delen Cock crossed with a 1st @400mi champion hen. These crosses have bred me very good birds (van der voss\delen)(vander voss/the 1st@400mi champ hen). The cock doesn’t handle perfectly, but he has bred me very good youngsters. I’ve never bred the hen, yet she is a beautiful small hen that handles perfectly. 

any other questions or anything else call or text me at (313)695-0579

Good luck !!

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