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Auction Time: May 24, 2020 / 07:21 PM PDT
Auction 67131
AU 18 RRR 823 dk ch cock probably, the best Jos Joosens, mother import direct from Josef 2012
Auction #67131
Triple P Racers




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18 rrr 823 is a very nice handling medium + maybe, nice depth and dense r/o/y eye with outer COC around the pupil and inner circle

Mother of 823 is 12 Belg 6195843 was purchased from Josef Joosen from the nest by ALCA loft in 2012.  She has breed me several good yb flyers.  See the pedigree as it tells the story about these tough birds. Her nestmate 12 Belg 6195844 bred 1st club/combine on tough 363 mile race this year.  No day birds but in drizzle next morning.

Sire of 6195843 was grandson of 1st International Perpignan, 598 miles 14900 birds.  Mother to the sire was mother to 1st Perpignan winner also!  Dam was daughter of "the Marseille Cock", winner on the International Marseille race and only day bird.  Josef Joosen turned down 185,000 euros for this cock.

Father of 823 is 14 McLofts 1626 bred from incredible long distance Joosens winners.  Look at the pedigrees closely.  Ganus used these great birds to cross into his as well.  A sibly hen is in this auction also 18 RRR 991.


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