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Auction Time: May 24, 2020 / 05:29 PM PDT
Auction 67141
AU 18 RRR 822 bl bar probably hen, best Ganus SAMDR blood blended to daughter Protege's Diablo
Auction #67141
Triple P Racers




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Auction Start: 12/05/2018 / 04:03 PM PDT  
Auction End: 12/09/2018 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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18 RRR 822 is a very nice late hatch medium build, nice reddish/orange dense eye with both an outer COC and inner circle in pupil for those studying eyesign.

This is a first year breeding of this pair.  Nestmates were my first two birds in Tuscon Triple Challenge final 350 flown yesterday the 4th of December.  Not bad 20 - 30 minutes out on a 350 miler.


Station: Sierra Blanca Tx - A Race

Distance: 350 Miles    

Release: 04-Dec-2018 06:50

Weather Release: partly cloudy    Arrival:

Wind at Release: E 5mph     Wind at Arrival:

Temp at Release: 28°    Temp at Arrival: °

Lofts: 57

Birds: 136

Clocked: 116

Good Luck to Everyone!
Drops Pos Breeder Pigeon Name Color Sex Ent Arrival Speed To Win Eligible
  57 Alan Porter - WI 0499-AU18-RRR   BB H 1 13:53:34.73 1454.274 00:23:51 Yes
  65 Alan Porter - WI 0500-AU18-RRR   BB H 2 14:08:07.83 1405.974 00:38:24 Yes
  106 Alan Porter - WI 0971-AU18-RRR   BC H 3 2018-12-05 10:26:03.27 697.131 08:03:54 Yes

This is a very well bred hen from some of the best SAMDR bloodlines of Ganus and Protege lofts.  I've seen birds off Diablo sell for over $5000.  Look over the pedigrees.  Sun City, Laura, Said in Spun Silver, Leonardo, Tinkelbel, sister Purdey and more.  Good luck on this one.  First one I've offered off this pair.


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