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Auction Time: June 27, 2019 / 01:24 AM PDT
Auction 67578
HARRY offspring
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bred from NL 17-1544850 HARRY + LAATJE hen Hendricks/Hooymans.

2018 VGWF 8292 Blue Bar cock is a late hatch, hatched on July 20th, 2018. Look at the parents pedigrees. 8292 Is a rare find. 8292's sire is 2014 Digest 247 Blue Bar cock. 247 comes from winning parents and he placed 21st vs 692 pigeons flying 361 miles at 1711 ypm in the 2014 AU Convention Race. 247 bred 2nd and 9th combine Campion bird in a combine with 400~600 birds per race. His offspring regularly place in the top 5% on the race sheet. 8292's dam, NL 17-1544850 is a HARRY + LAATJE hen Hendricks/Hooymans. She is HARRY’s granddaughter. Look at her pedigree to see all the winners. She has already bred two winning YB racers for me in her first year breeding.


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