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Auction Time: June 16, 2019 / 10:49 PM PDT
Auction 67594
ARPU 80240-18 BB Grandchild of "Young Picasso" & "Fantoom" Greek & Protege Top birds!!
Auction #67594




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 A phenomenal late hatch bird off of some of the best blood you can buy! 


*** JUST IN!!!*** Youngster from “Super Crack 304” scores Eq 1st @ 264 miles Cuevas Classic $$ Winner! Same youngster scores 43rd @ 350 mile Cuevas Classic and nestmate scores 29thboth in the money!!

Sister to “Young Picasso” breeds 12th Eq. 1st Hoosier Million Dollar Race winning 20k, Brother to “Super Crack 304” breeds 5th Eq. 1st Hoosier Million Dollar Race winning 24K and Granddaughter of “Young Picasso” breeds 15th Eq. 1st Hoosier Million Dollar Race winning 20k!!! More birds down from “Young Picasso” in the money as well in the Hoosier!! Also 1st Champion Bird Crooked River Challenge and Eq. 1st 350 were down from “Young Picasso” winning another 28K!! Grandchild of “Young Picasso” takes 9th place Apple Cup for Greek Connection winning 7k!! And last but not least, a full brother to “Super Crack 304” just sold for 4000 Euro on Pipa Auction which was a winner of 15th place from 400 miles in the Victoria Falls Yearling Race! These are the birds you want if you are going to fly and be at the top!!


Sire: “Super Crack 304” a direct son of “Young Picasso” x “Super Crack 135” bred by Greek Connection Loft. He was raced in the 2017 Hoosier Classic scoring 48th vs. 989 birds on the 350 mile final race. A phenomenal bird which took a good bit of back and forth with John to acquire him. John said about “Super Crack 304” “this is probably the nicest bird I have sold so far and definitely the most expensive!” Selling for a record price to us. 304’s brother also scored 62nd on the 350 final. Another brother of 304 named “White Throat” recently just bred “Triple Queen” who won 2nd average speed Triple Crown 2018, 3 races held in one week winning, 3rd @ 113 miles, 5th @ 207 miles, 8th @ 306 miles. This family of birds are known across the country as they have dominated in big OLRs year after year. In 2017 alone Greek Connection Loft bred $70,000 in money winners. The prices of children and grandchildren of “Young Picasso” x “Super Crack 135” keep going up as they keep winning big races. Don’t pass up your chance to acquire a Grandchild like this one!


Dam: “Tadlocks Hope” a direct daughter of the famous “Fantoom” owned by Kenny Rhodes. She was bred by Protégé Loft and flown in the 2017/2018 SAMDPR. “Fantoom” is the sire of “Purdey” who was one of the best racing pigeons in the history of the SAMDPR. She won 1st Grand Average 2012 SAMDPR and also placed 3rd on the Final from 344 miles being on the drop with the first place winner. “Fantoom” is also grandsire to “Gold Star Legend” which won 21st from 306 miles 2017 SAMDPR Final and was also 14th Grand Average. I have only seen one direct child of “Fantoom” sold online in the past year and he sold for over $4000. A grandson of “Fantoom” bred Eq 1st(21) @ 350 mile Hoosier Million Dollar Race 2018 winning over $20,000! This is some of the best OLR blood that you can buy and people all over the world are winning in big races!


 Feel free to contact me at 804-955-5404 or at


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