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Auction Time: June 16, 2019 / 09:32 PM PDT
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AU-18-TONYLOFT-12571 Vanloon Super 73
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AU-18-TONYLOFT-12571 Vanloon Super 73


Vanloon Super 73


Sire is inbred to 2778
Dam is inbred to MAGIC MAKER

AU-89-WWC-6362 “MAGIC MAKER”, son of 2778 has proven to be the most prolific
breeding Super 73 cock. Responsible for countless winners, his children and
grandchildren have won MAJOR competitions across the country.

NL-81-8115173"SUPER 73" is one of the best known birds in the world now. This Van
Loon cock was something special when in 1984 he won 1st Ace Pigeon Holland Sprint.
His flyer, Gijs Peters, knew he could get more out of this special cock. Then, 1 year l
later in 1985, he won the prestigious award of 1st Overall Ace Pigeon of Holland flying
against 50,000 lofts! This was quite a record. Then "SUPER 73" was tested as a
breeder and was sire and grandsire to several top 10 Ace Pigeons of Holland! In late
1987 Campbell Strange bought him for a good sum of $20,000. This was a lot of
money at the time, but turned out to be nothing compared to what Campbell would
receive from this super breeder. Mated to other Van Loon hens he bought from the
Planet Brothers, this family of Van Loons took off! His progeny is very popular in many
fancier's lofts worldwide! "SUPER 73" died in 1998.

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