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Auction Time: June 18, 2019 / 08:15 PM PDT

M & D Evans Major Auction Online beginning OCT 14th - OCT 26th! One of America's Premier Family of Vandenabeele's will be offered by Mr. David Trunnell. Don't miss this Auction, register today if you have not registered on This auction of top class pigeon's from the very best of M & D Evans will offer some very very special birds. One of those birds will be the "PERFECT COCK", a super breeding son of "SHADOW" who filled every egg for over 16 years. The dam of the "PERFECT COCK", "BLUE ACE" was a car winner and winner of $35,000 in the Europa Classic scoring 1st Ace Bird and Loft Champion in the six Race Series. Many other Top class pigeons will also be in this Auction. More Details coming soon! 1. The Perfect Cock, supreme son of Shadow, ?We believe Shadow is the best breeding cock to ever leave Gaby?s loft!? ? Mark Evans The Perfect Cock was bred polygamously this year to only the Ugly Bastard, his best granddaughter 142, and the Emerald Hen. 32 eggs, ALL filled! Agile, tough, full of vitality ? he?s just incredible physically ? as he is genetically! And so smart. 2. The incredible, beautiful Ugly Bastard. Known across the U.S. for her outstanding breeding of racers and breeders, her breeding quality is matched only by her pedigree: Golden Gaby (featured below here), and Carrie (??responsible for over 1,500 winners through 7 generations now?). As Mark Evans says, ?The Ugly Bastard just plops out the eggs!? You might as well keep her mated 9 months of year as she loves to mate and lay ? the closest thing to a polygamous hen you can find! 3. A second child of Golden Gaby (Please see his picture above.) 4. A child of Pre-Olympic, ?One of the best Dutch racers in the last decade!?), and ??now SUPER BREEDER!? 5. A child of Davina, ?Superstar breeder!? 6. Double son of Shadow, inbred by Mark Evans from two proven, direct children of Shadow. 7. At least one Grandchild of the TRUE foundation hen, Joint Venture, when mated to Eisenhower. You see these two super breeders, both mated together and with other mates, throughout the pedigrees of other top Evans breeders. 8. At least one Grandchild of True Blue/Lady Bliksem, and Shadow/Top Investment ? bred by Mark Evans from a proven son of those 4 super breeders. 9. At least one Evans bred bird from the Amocachi Line ? Amocachi, full brother to Shadow, and winner of 3 x 1st, plus 3rd Limoges 4,359 birds, 4th Chateauroux 6,678 birds, 4th Limoges 18,608 birds, 9th Blois 6,100 birds etc. 10. And many more specially bred birds from these and my other top M&D Evans breeders will follow.