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Auction Time: May 24, 2019 / 10:58 PM PDT
***2006 World ACE Challenge Race***
Image Hosted by The 2006 World Ace Challenge Race Auction begins January 29th, 2007

To view the race results go to click on NEWS, then choose current and choose which race you would like to view. You can also copy and paste the following website into your browser and it will take you directly to the race results page.

Greetings! WORLD ACE CHALLENGE will auction the top 100 pigeons from the 2006 Race beginning January 29, 2007 on the website. These pigeons will be auctioned in three separate groups of approximately 30 birds per group. There will be an ending time per group. We are separating the pigeons into smaller groups due to the difficulty in trying to keep up with all 100 pigeons at the same time. WORLD ACE CHALLENGE is the World?s largest average speed race. The birds to be auctioned flew 1,650 miles in 6 very tough Races not including the 19 training tosses' miles. Most of the pigeons are from the world' s best lofts, from 12 different countries plus the USA . These pigeons are all proven quality and should qualify for the Hall of Fame. Now is a good time to purchase that ?SUPER RACER?. Please browse the auction pictures and pedigrees. See for yourself! Don?t miss this opportunity! Gayle Renfroe World Ace Challenge Image Hosted by
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