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Auction Time: June 24, 2021 / 11:18 AM PDT
Auction 28439
Merckx / Keizer
Auction #28439
Kahler & Johnson




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Auction Start: 08/17/2009 / 07:23 AM PDT  
Auction End: 08/23/2009 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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Auction image


AU08LNC-690 Merckx / Keizer cock.

This week we are offering several Keizer and Merckx pigeons down from the great Leo Van Rijn of Holland and Rick Mardis of CBS. These birds normally list at $100.00 and up but this week we are opening the bidding at a minimum of 25% off. Study the pictures and pedigrees attached, and you’ll find pigeons decending from Van Rijn greats such as “De Keizer”, “Count Keizer”, “Keizer 166”, “Cousin Keizer” as well as the “019” Merckx super breeders “Jonge Crack”, “Vic”, and “Jef”. “De Keizer”…3 times 1st vs. more than 30,000. “Count Keizer”…Inbred “Oude Merckx and sire of 1st against 17,202. “Keizer 166”…winner of 7 diplomas and the best breeding son of “De Keizer”. “Cousin Keizer”…Super breeder, sire of 2nd place vs. 17,202 very inbred to the “Oude Merckx”. “Jonge Crack”…1st vs 2,190, 1st vs 2,175, and 1st vs. 2, 071 and 3rd vs. 2,377. Tremendous racer/breeder and grandson of the “019”…”Vic” 1st vs. 3,117, 1st vs. 2,871, 2nd vs. 2,871, and 2nd vs. 2,174 birds. Tremendous racer/breeder and grandson of the “019”…”Jef” Super breeder and winner of 1st vs. 3,470, 1st vs. 2,062, 1st vs. 1,842, 2nd vs. 2,225, 2nd vs. 1,219 etc. Sire of the CBS breeding dynamo “Jade". Take advantage of the low opening bid, and remember, shipping for two is the same price as one.

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