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Auction Time: March 28, 2023 / 12:06 PM PDT
Auction 64974
Son of Greek Connection's Champion 430
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Auction Start: 05/21/2018 / 06:49 PM PDT  
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Auction image


AU 15 GRPE 5413

 Purchased this cock a couple years ago at the Piedmont Combine auction.  I was very interested in him due to Greek Connection's performance in OLR's and the fact that he's got performance up and down his pedigree.  He's directly off 2 top performers and his father is a half brother to "Jonge Picasso".

I bred 1 baby out of him and then had to move cross country.  I'm active duty military and just recently finished the interior of my loft between deployments so didn't get to breed him again.  Due to my situation I've decided to get rid of all my prisoners and instead utilize YB kits every year to make things easier for my wife.

This cock is excellent.  He's a small but powerful bird with lots of muscle.  Definitely a top perch kind of guy with loads of personality.  Lots of fight and struggle in the hand.  Whoever purchases him will be happy.  Bid with confidence.


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