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Auction Time: April 19, 2019 / 01:27 PM PDT
Auction 68059
Grandson of Constans and Foolish Pleasure
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Auction Start: 02/11/2019 / 08:53 AM PDT  
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2018 Blue Bar Cock

Very beautiful grandson of Constans and Foolish Pleasure...Nanezs number one breeding pair.....the dam is a granddaughter of an AU Champion on the fathers side and down from Mona Lisa on the mothers side....her siblings are incredible flyers.....her brother is a 3 x 300 mile winner......he was 1st, his sister was 2nd and a brother was 3rd 300 miles ....same race......2 differnet lofts......the brother was also a 200 mile winner....A grandchild of the Admiral and Hearts Desire was equal 1st 225 miles River Valley Roundup One Loft Race January 27th 2019......this bird is only for sale due to the fact that i have way to many cocks.....he is going to be a stud of a bird


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