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Auction Time: May 26, 2019 / 09:56 AM PDT
Auction 68378
AU-17-TONYLOFT-5257 Inbred to The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951 Jan Aarden
Auction #68378
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AU-17-TONYLOFT-5257 Inbred to The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951 Jan Aarden


Inbred to The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951
Jan Aarden


The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951
The “Dolle” is the most famous Jan Aarden pigeon of all times. Thanks to its outstanding performance and particular stock value the “Dolle” had become the best long-distance pigeon in the world. It may no doubt be looked upon as the bird that stood at the basis of the Jan Aarden strain of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The number of proven aces with “Dolle” blood running through their veins is tremendous by now. The “Dolle” died in 1985 – eighteen years of age – at the Van Geel loft. It was a typical Jan Aarden pigeon with beautiful chestnut-brown eyes and silksoft feathers; characteristics which were passed on by the bird to its offspring.
In 1975 the “Dolle” was transferred to the stock loft and destined to stay there. Meanwhile it had won a car for its owner and built up an impressive roll of honour. During its career the “Dolle” was basketed 17 times and consequently won 17 prizes in long-distance races.
The most important results of the “Dolle” are :
1st Provincial St. Vincent 1.684 pigeons 980 km
3rd National St. Vincent 6.844 pigeons 980 km
1st Provincial Dax 1.032 pigeons 970 km
3rd National Dax 3.649 pigeons 970 km
9th Provincial Limoges 1.610 pigeons 650 km
12th National St. Vincent 6.917 pigeons 980 km
20th Provincial Chateauroux 2.176 pigeons 580 km
22nd Provincial Chateauroux 2.425 pigeons 580 km
39th Provincial Moulins 5.146 pigeons 590 km
59th Provincial Moulins 4.612 pigeons 590 km
66th National Dax 3.561 pigeons 970 km
The “Dolle” was bred out of two pure Jan Aarden pigeons via Ligtenberg and Van Agtmaal, both from Steenbergen. The father of the “Dollle” was H61-145676, named the “Ligtenberg”.

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