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Auction Time: May 26, 2019 / 10:04 AM PDT
Auction 68429
19-CBS-97 Red Check Cock -- Double Grandson of RODE KANNIBAAL -- Foundation Quality!
Auction #68429




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I have no doubts that this will be a Foundation Cock! He's young, but already spinning in front of hens when they're off their nests in the stock loft. I had planned to build a separate section to house a few newer birds I bought to be breeders, but I don't have the I'm selling them. My loss is your gain!! You'll probably be able to breed from this cock by May. I really like his breeding, double grandson of a top cock with two very nice hens. 


97 is medium in size with a very balanced built and bouyancy seen in the top breeding and racing birds. His wings are very nice with great ventilation and they reach. He has very nice red/pearl eyes like his grandfather Rode Kannibaal, a one-pin tail, soft feathering even though he's going through the molt, and a strong skeletal system with nice strong vents. If you look up the vimeo videos whre Rick Mardis shows Thunder, 97's Uncle, they're built very similarly with the exception that Thunder was a Blue Check.

Good luck bidding.



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