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Auction Time: May 26, 2019 / 10:26 AM PDT
Auction 68465
AU 18 RRR 835 bl bar hen ?? Sun City, Ivo Reiders and Bart Van Oekel F-16
Auction #68465
Triple P Racers




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Auction Start: 03/13/2019 / 11:40 PM PDT  
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18 RRR 835 is a nice late hatch bl bar, think it's a hen, medium size and nice reddish/br/goldish eye.

This pedigree follows one for 18 RRR 841 somewhat so read it carefully.

Father of 18 RRR 835 is AU 2016 AFL 375, double grandson of Sun City mated to Sweetness and Marikana.

Mother of RRR 835 is 16 ARPU 101266 which is bred from De Young Reiger mated to a daughter of F-16, same as RRR 841 except this mating was his father.  I guess if 841 is a cock, this could be an interesting mating with 835 of some terrific birds.  And I might try that if they don't sell.

Last one for this week, thanks for looking.  Lots more coming end of summer and fall.


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