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Auction Time: June 27, 2019 / 12:57 AM PDT
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LOFTSELL OUT #2 - Buy 1 get 1 FREE!!!!!
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2 HENS- Ready to Breed Winners

Up for bid are 2 Hens that will be ready for breeding! Both are very healthy and guaranteed to be very fertile! 

1.) IF 2014 VPC 2894 - BBH, medium built, yellow-red orange eye, flown to 350M . She was a late hatch as YB. She is an INBRED "TOPO" out of a brother-sister mating. Her mother is my Foundation hen "5166".

Sire :3979  /  Dam: 5166 - Brother/Sister mating ,their Father is GFL 535- GS of "Topo", and bred me 4th GHC Auction Race Winner in 2008

2.) IF 2013 VPC 2786 -BCHK, medium built. She is a TOPO/VANLOON Cross. Her father is 3980 and INBRED "Topo" that I paired with an TOPO-ADL Vanloon cross hen "5558". 5558- is a 1st place winner in U-10 vs.385 /17 lofts.



"5166 Hen"- bred me 2011 GHC 1st Place Auction Race Winner when she was paired to HIP 397. She is a sister to the 2008 GHC 4th Place  Auction Race Winner. 


This is it!...Everything MUST GO. I will be listing all my birds in my LOFT and will not be holding back on any of my racers. It's been a fun 16 years of pigeon racing and it's time to move them to the next loft. The last 10 years I have concentrated on getting Futurities and OLR racing blood, and with that feat and process I have won multiple awards and memorable wins. In 2008 I won a 4th place in the GHC Auction Race then in 2011, I won the GHC Auction Race in Springhill FL. with my TOPO -SUREBET cross, and over the years this cross has been proven a tough contender in other races. 

With this opening BID ,this is almost a GIVE-AWAY considering how much I have to pay in listing fee :), but as I said earlier EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Itis what it is......

I have already SELECTED the birds worthy of staying , so anythng in my loft now is ONLY the good ones.  ALL BiRDS THAT I WILL SELL WILL COME WITH FULL PEDIGREE, unless OTHERWISE stated!

Any questions please email :



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