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Cornella Family Loft Reduction Sale




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Supple muscled Janssen/van den Bosch Male.  Handles impeccably in the hand.


This boy results from a concentrated breeding of 7/8th Old Merckx Janssens and 1/8th van den Bosch for genetic diversity. 


One of my goals as a breeder has been to keep select families intact; and not only keep them intact, but breed them into even better genetic pools and performances.  This has been the case with the small colony of Merckx Janssens in my loft. 


Grandsire is down from my 969 daughter – Irma-- and Old Merckx grandson – Adriaan.    Irma’s off spring are responsible for more than 145 documented club, combine and futurity diplomas.  I stopped counting the accomplishments of her offspring in 2005.  Undoubtedly, there are more. 


A partial list of notable wins by this family of Janssens includes:

  • 1st Central Jersey Combine (NJ) vs. 3,000+ youngbirds
  • 1st 2001 Summer Series 5-Race Futurity (Idaho)
  • 1st 2002 Little Belgium Challenge (Florida)
  • 1st 2005 Derby Nacional (Colombia, South America)
  • 1st Big Island Invitational Racing Pigeon Combine & Oahu Fed. (Hawaii)
  • 1st New England Open 500 mile race (Massachusetts)
  • 17th North East Union Race vs. 4,570 old birds -- 375 miles
  • Numerous diplomas in the Pacific Coast Combine (Southern California) in races released in the fog and searing heat that saw many birds lost
  • 7th 2004 Cincinnati Classic (Ohio), a smash race that only had 1 day bird
  • 3rd 2008 Queen City Memorial Futurity
  • 1st 2005 Mid-Florida Combine 300-mile race, clocked in the dark at 10:48 p.m.
  • 2010 Bird of the Year + six 1sts in the Evergreen State Concourse (Washington)
  • Multiple diploma winners in NC Combine YB races into strong headwinds


  • No shipments when temperatures at shipping and destination points are more than 90F.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Return birds within 72 hours for a full refund.  Return postage buyers responsibility. Gender not guaranteed.


  • International shipping via approved agents


  • Buyers will incur additional costs if a health certificate is required.


  • Paypal, Money orders and personal checks accepted.


  • Celebrating 50+ years of breeding and racing pigeons.


  • Check out my FEEDBACK Page.  My loft’s reputation speaks for itself.


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