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It's Spring Time!! and Breeding Season is winding down pretty much around this time, and this is when we hit that RESET button for our breeders and TURN ON the YB  button "ON" and get them ready for Racing Season!!

But as we all know due to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus),things had been different, some States could still have a race but I think this coming YB season will be totally be dependent on quarantines and lockdown. Unfortunately there is nothing much we can do with all of this social distancing/social gathering,but luckily we still have our birds and what we can do!!  is to keep them HEALTHY and boost their IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Since I was a kid, I have watched my grandfather who owned a Pig Farm "Piggery"( 1500 Adult Pigs and approx 400 piglets ), My maternal grandmother who introduced me in Chicken Farming,and eventually I inherited the farm that houses 3000 "broilers" (every 6 months) - I eventually sold it upon my migration here in the US,and one thing that I learned is how to keep them healthy in a NATURAL WAY and with all knowledge I learned from my Grandparents and now as HEALTH CARE and MEDICAL PROVIDER ,I have decided to"bottle" this natural "concoction"  that was passed down to me.

Salmonella ,E-coli and Adenovirus are just examples of some bacteria and virus that affects our pigeons and unfortunately "most" of them lay dormant in their GUT. Yes!- its there, but it doesn't cause sickness to your birds because the numbers are not overwhelming their Immune System- yet!,until they get STRESSED! 

Moulting,Training, Breeding, Prolonged Antiobiotic use  are some stressors and that causes IMBALANCE in their GUT flora, which will now give the oppurtunistic organisms like Salmonella, E-coli and Adeno to multiply fast and cause sickness to our birds and eventually DEATH!...This BAD ORGANISMS are most of the time shed thru their feces,which eventually contaminates feeders and waterers. Don't you notice this when alot of birds starts mixing on the first 3-4 races?...until everybody goes crazy in medicating for everything!- yes! Antibiotic kills them, but it also kills the GOOD GUT BACTERIA! 

I dont know about you, but did you all notice how EXPENSIVE are all those Pigeon Antibiotic?? Why cant we make the GOOD GUT BACTERIA kill the bad ones NATURALLY!!!hmmm....

So I have finally decided to bottle this all NATURAL Products and make them available to all pigeon fanciers. You will see the difference in a couple of days after using it,the "POOP" will tellyou,sheen on their Feathers and overall Form in the loft and in ythe basket.

This is the BEST TIME to keep our BREEDERS and RACERS Healthy!!!- Lets overwhelm their GUT with GOOD BACTERIA now!!!,and keep a NATURAL occuring HERD IMMUNITY in your loft!

NOTE :  This are ONLY Supplements to keep your Pigeons Healthy!,and should be added on top of the following:

       ** Cleanliness in your loft, trough ,feeders and waterers

       **  VACCINATIONS!!! is a must. 

BNP Introduces :                     ****** PACKAGE WILL CONTAIN ONE OF EACH PRODUCT *******

1.)  BNP Pigeon Natural Probiotic  - ($13.00 Retail Price)

* Helps maintaining Healthy Gut Flora

* 100 % All Natural Organic 

* USE ONLY with UNCHLORINATED WATER - 1 Tsp.per Gallon for 2-3 days ( Use as ONLY source of drinking)

* 16 oz. =Treats 72 gallons of drinking water

2.) BNP Pigeon Natural Oil Supplement - ( $12.00 Retail Price)


* 100% All Natural Organic Ingredients

* Safe for all ages and excellent with BREEDING!

* Helps with Feather sheen and healthier YB growth

* Mix 1 tsp with every 1 lb.of feed , doesn't need the seeds to be "wet",unless adding stuff like BREWERS YEAST or

any supplements on powder form and use this as a binder.

*16 0z = adds supplement to 60-70 lbs of feed.


Check us out here------->

It's finally here! after 17 years of using it in Pigeons ( not adding at least 50 years in Pigs and Chickens) , I have finally decided to "bottle it" and share it to all fanciers.


BUY IT NOW and SAVE! Plus get FREE!! Bath Salt for Pigeons ( good for 20 baths!)

 *** **IF BUY IT NOW IS NOT USED - Shipping is FREE!!


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