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Auction Time: September 24, 2020 / 10:35 PM PDT
Auction 72747
BLACK HEN All 4 Grandparents off GFL
Auction #72747
Shawnee Creek Loft




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Over the next few weeks I will be selling many of my young birds, prisoners,imports, and breeders. I am downsizing to just a few pair from just a couple of families. 

"Coal Town" is only one of four chicks that I was able to get out of "Black Phantom Aviator" before he has killed by a hawk. This is the only chick that I will probably sell from this mating.

"Black Phantom Aviator" is and Double Inbred off "Ghost Rider" x "Aviator's Charm".

"Blue Moon" is a Double Granddaughter of "Aviator" x "Black Widow". 


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