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Auction Time: October 26, 2020 / 11:33 AM PDT
Auction 72928
BREEDER HENS #2 - "TOPO" Bundle::: ALL THE BEST PROVEN TOPO Lineage Ready To Cross- 2 HENS!!
Auction #72928
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This are the Speed "TOPO" that you will ever want!!!!!!!!!!- Down from Foundation Birds

 Up for bid are 2 HENS with  all the best "TOPO" blood that you can get to cross to your SLOW/TOUGH Birds!!!!!!! This Topo lines adds SPEED And HEART to win that elusive 1st page showings!!

I have several brothers and sisters to this birds and unfortunately I can't breed them all.I have stocked more HENS than COCKS this year, so they are up for grabs now. If they don't sell??- they all go back to my holding pen and wait for another day!

1.) IF 2014 VPC 3364 - Medium apple bodied hen,with excellent yellow/orange breeding eye, super fertile and had produced 4 YB this year (4 out of 4 eggs)

******SUPER INBRED "TOPO" *******Bro/Sis Mating , Bred for STOCK - PROVEN TOPO Lines

*** SIRE is 4th GHC Auction Money Winner in 2008 Springhill FL- he is a proven breeder of several 1st place

*** DAM - is my Foundation Hen "5166"- bred 1st GHC Auction Race Winner in 2011 Springhill FL


2.) IF 2013 VPC 2774 - "Old Band hen"- Hatched 3/14/2016 with an OLD BAND

*** One of the prettiest hen in my loft, reminds me of her grandmother AU 97 DND 970015 - she is a GD of TOPO that was the most beautiful bodied pigeon that I ever owned!!!!

*** BRO/SIS Mating and they were NESTMATES too

*** SIRE AND DAM are brother to 4th GHC Auction Money WInner in 2008 Springhill Florida

*** SIRE AND DAM , FULL Sister "5166"- bred 1st GHC Auction Winner in 2011 Springhill FL.

*** When I breed birds that I don't intend to sell back then, It did notreally bother me banding them with OLD BANDS,I always say - "they will be the last to go"....hahaha, and now I ended up having 4 morehens with the same story!


So here you go folks!,STARTING BID IS VERY LOW,soI can movethem and have other flyers experience what this TOPO lines are made off!!!......Don't let them slip away, you  might not see them for a while if you miss this chance. They have crossed so well for me with VAN LOONS, HOUBENS and SUREBETS!!!!!



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