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Auction Time: October 23, 2020 / 01:50 AM PDT
Auction 72962
Mid-distance sell-out. Dark Horse Daughter w/bonus son
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Auction Start: 10/13/2020 / 11:47 AM PDT  
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Dark Check Hen - 891/14 IF Nanez + bonus (AB) flown son.

 After the Dark Horse daughter was 4th final, 2nd Avg in the 2015 SAMDPR, I went to Rick Nanez to get a daughter of Dark Horse. He picked 10 dark checks and gave me a couple of hours to go through them and make my decision. The 891 was it and she was out of a super flown sister of Iron-Clad. This sister was the Double Barrel Dirka hen - 2nd Avg speed at the 2013 Double Barrel OLR (missing 1st by just 1/4 of a yard). <p>

Mated her in in 2015 to one of my Midwest Classic winners at 531M. Two of her daughters were among my top YBs that year. In 2016 one of those daughters produced my best flying YB, a hen that in turn bred my best bird from the Midwest Classic for me in 2018 and 2019 (flying 560M). <p>

Fast forward to 2020 when I mated her to two different (AA) cocks from Ado Family Loft and have YBs on the race team. She was 100 percent fertile and is coming though a terrific molt. <p>

High bidder will get blue bar son 10528/20 as a bonus and potential mate for her. He has been trained out 35M. His LDHA profile would be (AB). And I breed each of my pairs (since 1983) in individual pens so this pedigree is absolutely accurate. <P>

As I move deeper into retirement, I am going to focus on the 500M-700M family I have where day birds at that distance are my goal. <p>

This is a very nice hen, smaller than medium, that should have several more good years left in her. <p>

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