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Auction Time: January 18, 2021 / 05:15 PM PDT
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Young Bird/s




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LIN Bird cross w Some of Nemeth and Gerald Antonio’s famous birds

This is a grandkid of LiN's "MISS CREATOR WHO IS A SISTER TO SUPER WARRIOR AND CLASSIC GIRL. This bird is also related to Greek's winner of  305 M Cal classic and wimner of Royal cup. Absolutely good looking with a perfect  handling bird. Perfect size and balance. He/she has a very nice set of wings.
The sire is the son of AU 13 PAL 1731 which is the grandsire of "1370 SD 16" BIRD OF THE YEAR MIDDLE DISTANCE from milestone loft.

also AU 08 ARPU 50920 is father to the famous sibling 811 SD 09 Nadia"1ST AVERAGE WINNERCUP 09 and Oksana 809 SD 09. 2nd AVERAGE WINNER CUP 09. These two were always the first one to arrive at the loft from all the training and all the races.

YOU HAVE SOME OF THE BEST BLOODLINES ON THIS BIRD. My lost your gain. Might be a hen. Thanks for looking!


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