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Auction Time: June 25, 2022 / 09:38 AM PDT
Auction 74427
A Beautiful CBS Delbar Cross Stock Cock
Auction #74427




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Auction Start: 02/01/2021 / 04:55 PM PDT  
Auction End: 02/07/2021 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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Auction image


80% CBS Delbar, 5% Belgium White, 9% Merckx Janssen, 6% Tournier

 A beautiful CBS Delbar Stock Cock. "Moby Dick"(Super Breeder) 2x, "FS Moby Dick" 4x, "FB Moby Dick" 4x, "Aunt Moby Dick" 60x, "Uncle Moby Dick" 128x, "758"(1st OLR) 1x, "531"(FS to: 6x 1st) 2x, "White Lightning"(Ace-P) 2x, "Irun"(1st Prov Champ KBDB '07) 1x, "Napoleon"(1st Nat Pau) 1x, "HS Merckx" 3x, "Merckx"(21x 1st) 11x. Individually bred. Great for Dove Release or Race( Some do well with CBS Delbars)


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brayden1999 $130.00 Bidder uses Auto-Bidder to increase bid 1 02/02/2021 09:37 AM

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