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Auction Time: April 11, 2021 / 02:52 PM PDT
Auction 74944
2 bird box of 2021 youngsters.
Auction #74944
Young Bird Kits




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Auction Start: 04/05/2021 / 09:22 AM PDT  
Auction End: 04/11/2021 / 06:00 PM PDT  
  Shipping Cost: $70.00


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I will send two top OLR birds my choice full pedigrees to any race or to the buyer their choice

 These will be from winning one loft race blood lines.  You can have them shipped to you or I can send to the race for you..  If I send to the race directly the buyer will have to make sure all fees are paid and work with that race they choose to get them under their name..  


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