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Auction Time: April 11, 2021 / 02:45 PM PDT
Auction 74955
Long Distance National and Olympiade Bloodlines Stock Cock
Auction #74955




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Auction Start: 04/05/2021 / 09:50 PM PDT  
Auction End: 04/11/2021 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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The best of many good long distance strains - Gaby VDAB, Herbots Bro, Hofkens, Muelemans,Robben Clemente,Sylvere Toye, Jan Mees,Maurice Casaert, A & p De Smet...

Super nice stock cock(Long Distance Lines! Individually Bred, Never raced or bred. We find: (2nd National B 49,153) 2x, 051(6th Provincial Ace) 2x, Crack(3rd Provincial Ace, 7th Prov Ace) 2x, Invincible Montauban(1st Nat Mont 5,335) 2x, Limoges(1st Nat Limgoes Gaby) 2x, Madeleine(1st National Ace, 15x 1st) 2x, Tulle(2nd Nat Ace) 2x, Ms World(1st Olympiade and National Ace - 11x 1st) 2x, Blackpool(11x 1st, Olymp/Nat Ace) 4x, Boomerang(Olympic & National Ace) 2x, Driebander(Hofkens) 4x, Geschiften(1st and 3rd National Ace) 4x, Hero 19(19x 1st) 4x, King(6x 1st, National Ace 7x) 4x, National 1(5x 1st) 4x. Pedigree 100% correct. Sire is all white, Dam is 98% white. Very Impressive Pedigree, good sized medium + Pigeon. good for crossing out. He has a bull eye and a regular colored eye. (full brother also selling on this auction - all white)


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