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Nanez Family Loft




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If you are one that is turned-off by long-windedness, morbid self-explanation and a sprinkle of colorful literary license-- please read no futher than the bright blue line.




 *see: 'Constans' results listed as a lot in itself, for reference to kids and of this legend.

So that prospective bidders do not have to laboriously work through the text of each of our lots, we've decided to provide the general information for our BREEDER SUPER SALE here. Notice, I do not say 'SUPER BREEDER SALE.'  I refuse to use sales jargon that gives the impression that each bird is a SUPER BREEDER. Some of these birds will be the next foundation bird of some lofts- BUT we will never stoop to the pettifoggery [yes, that's a word] of the shyster who claims THIS or THAT bird IS your next foundation pigeon! Nor do we want to hyperbolize and claim that any particular pigeon will breed you winners or many winners.

Even if they have already bred good ones for us !

As my mom would tell us when we were kids 'that's a NO NO'

The sale is simple and straightforward: As everyone who has followed our story knows, keeping the breeding station going has been extraordinarily taxing for me. After getting use to having up to 7 workers [plus myself, my wife and son] here during the 'good years', everything changed about 5 years ago. CANNOT FIND LOCAL WORKERS.  In lieu of that, I increased my hours from around 14 hours/day 6 days a week to 18+ hours/day 7 days a week. 

I ran marathons and ultra-marathons for years. I've written individual manuscripts upwards of 1,000 pages. I engaged in university studies for 17 years. I drove 135,000 miles in 14 months - ALMOST ALL IN WISCONSIN- to raise awareness of the projects we were starting overseas......yadda, yadda, yadda.

All to say, I don't mind work and I like an elongated challenge.  But, my health continues to slip- five years of doctors appointments, surgeries, concussions and a litany of sicknesses keep taking their toll. To top it off, I have been found 'unresponsive' multiple times now since Dec. 26th 2020.

  This last breeding season was a disaster. The most beautiful, robust crop of youngsters in 50 years! BUT, I was so late in getting babies out to the one-lofts- embarassingly late; I did the little guys no justice.  And, I missed banding 1/3 of everything hatched.

Banding, taking photos, marketing, posting, writing articles, sleep and enjoying the birds all take a backseat to the basics: cleaning, scrubbing waterers, feeding, pedigrees, putting shipping boxes together etc. So, when without help, the former suffers.

I thought that I had help lined up, but after putting the birds together in March, the help evaporated again. We 'only' put together about 100 pairs [leaving 350 pairs unmated]. I hear your wheels turning, but realize, we have cut back from 1,750 pair since the appex in 2016. A one-man-band can only move so many pigeons in a given period of time. 

The trick is staying competitive and being able to offer The Sport siblings and children that are CURRENTLY winning. Thus, in order to provide siblings and children of winners each year, by necessity, we have to raise enough to meet that demand when the season is over.  Brothers and kids of the best bring 5x or 10x what a generic bird from the family brings. And, with the missions, humanitarian works and foundations we run or support, it would take 5-10x the amount of birds and work to sell the generic brand in order to meet the needs to which we've committed.

OTHERWISE, one finds themself only selling generic Kannibaals, Houbens, Janssens...etc. - 'good blood' by proxy or great-grandchildren of 'the great ones.' There are plenty of lofts that make 'good blood' available- many of whom neither fly locally NOR compete in the One-Loft Race scene. They buy kids and grandkids of top pigeons, and then- VOILA' [walla as some would say]- they have a breeding station!

I would rather work 8 hours a day at a convenience store or raise parakeets than to go the route of selling primarily off of others' breeding and racing record. To me, that's as exciting as opening a new restaurant stocked with 'specials' gathered up everyday from the other restaurants in the area! What is the allure and joy of that? 

We have worked hard for the past 13 years to create a family where generations of our top breeders were raised by us. We do still buy a few birds, but it is in order for us to keep addding a sprinkle here and there of other prepotent blood to see if we can improve on OUR family and micro-families. 

Having said all that, I am -again- taking a stab at reducing our numbers. Though some are going to assume I'm exaggerating, I literally went into sections at 2:00 a.m. - IN THE DARK - pulled birds off the perch, feeling for impressive physiques- walked into the office, washed their feet up a little, put the bird in the photo box, snapped a few pics- AND THEN- looked at the band. 

Stupid? Perhaps, but we have so many super nice birds that are from our best- that just sit, sometimes not even mated for 2-3-4 years at a time. We still have 120+ kids of Iron Clad, 40+ kids of Constans....etc.etc.  Again, a one-man-band can only move so many pigeons by himself.

Over the next several weeks- if my health holds- I will be posting many top quality birds that have proven themselves or that are directly from our oldest foundation birds of yesteryear. Some of these birds are 8-9-10 years old. But we will not offer anything that we think whose fertility is 'drying up' or is wasting away in the hand. Some may be a bit scrawny, boney, loose or lanky- but, if the bird does handle that way, we will explain the particular family characteristics that warrant the less-than showpiece attributes. 

If a bird has a wonky tail, wherein the last two outer tail feathers on each side separate from the tail proper, we will indicate that this is a trait from Constans. If the bird looks like a Satinette, with feathered legs, a short beak and frill- we will inform the shopper that these are the inbred so-called 'Wegges.' If the head looks like a common, it might be a Gaby; if it handles like a glorified sparrow, it might be from our best Houben line.....etc.etc. 

We welcome inquiries, however, it's really hard when someone calls or writes and says 'send me a list of everything you have available, along with photos and pedigrees.' That list does not exist.  We will continue to offer at auction 2020- and 2021 hatches on a weekly basis- as we always do- so please do not think that these ARE the special breeding stock to which we are referring.  Likewise, we will leave some birds up longer than one week if we get them posted late in that week.

So, guys and dolls--- that might no longer be politically correct to say--- so I won't say it [actually, my dear grandfather fell dead from a cardiac on the dance-floor, while doing a jig at his favorite honky-tonk named 'Guys and Dolls'; he left this world doing what he enjoyed!].

So, ladies and gentlemen, please do not get upset and accuse us of extending auctions because we are not happy with the bidding. 

Finally: Why so long-winded, colorful and morbidly explanatory?

1) I am always paranoid that we will be viewed as mere pigeon merchants.

2) I am concerned that we will be viewed as 'alarmists' always in a crisis -- IN ORDER TO  -- just sell pigeons.

3) I can't seem to bring myself to simply announce:


Happy bidding!



*We are also posting birds on our site again:

*At this point, all birds listed on will be shipped from our farm in Wisconsin-- AND --- all birds listed on will be shipped from our holding facility in Illinois. 


rick & renee


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