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Auction Time: December 08, 2021 / 02:52 PM PDT
Auction 76389
Pair #2 - CBS Janssen Breeding Pair!! Daughter Viking & Son 1st 250 in OLR! -- See Video of Birds!!
Auction #76389
Graham Byrum Loft




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Auction Start: 11/23/2021 / 10:15 AM PDT  
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"Thunder" AU-2019-CBS-1744 BC Cock - Violet Pearl Eye 

"Lightening" AU-2020-CBS-1031 BC Hen - Gravel Pearl Eye

These two compliment each other very well! They can be your next foundation pair!! Down from proven birds capable of flying all distances tough and fast, in club, combine and one loft racing!! They've been vaccinated for PMV & Salmonella, and run through my health program and are ready to go!

Check out the following video link for more informaiton and to see the birds up close!!

If you have questions about any of these birds, send me an email:

Good luck bidding!



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