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Auction Time: August 13, 2022 / 07:26 AM PDT
Auction 76888
Merckx Janssen Cross Stock Cock
Auction #76888




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Auction Start: 01/10/2022 / 10:57 AM PDT  
Auction End: 01/16/2022 / 06:00 PM PDT  
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Very nice stock Cock, 70% white. "019" 36x in Ped.

Never bred or raced, We find: "019" - Janssen Bros (21x 1st) 36x, "05-134"(1st Nat Ace) 1x, "Ace Four" - Ad Schaerlaeckens (5x 1st) 2x, Bijter - Gaby VDAB(6x 1st) 2x, "Bourges Hen" -Jeff Hermans (89th 41,783) 2x, Bliksem 1x, "Darling"(HS Wittenbuik) 1x, "Den Ad" Marcel Wouters(1st Nat Ace) 4x, Golden Lady(1st Prov Ace) 1x, "Golden Mattens" - Ad Schaerlaeckens (Bred 4 Ace's) 2x, "De Kleine"(1st Ace) 2x, "Fideekle" - Gaby VDAB (HS Wittenbuik) 1x, "Golden Lady"(1st Prov Ace) 1x, "De Gust" - Ulrich Lemmens 1x, Kaasboer - Gaston vd Wouwer1x, "KB Fantast"(52Nat B 19369) 1x, "Keizer"(3x 1st) 4x, "De Leeuw" - Marcel Wouters (8th Nat) 4x, HS Merckx - Janssen Bros 10x, "Merckx" - Janssen Bros (21x 1st) 84x, "Picanol" - Gaby VDAB(1st Prov Champ) HB Wittenbuik 1x, "Vital" Gaby VDAB (1st Nat Ace) 1x, HS Witoger - Janssen Bros 15x, "Wittenbuik" - Gaby VDAB(3x 1st) 2x. See ped for all info.      


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