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Auction Time: June 24, 2022 / 06:14 PM PDT
Auction 78086
AU 17 RRR 809, hen possibly a small cock, some of Nanez's best from few years back
Auction #78086




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Auction Start: 06/20/2022 / 08:47 AM PDT  
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  Location: Pigeon Auctions
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 17 RRR 809 is a medium size hen, I think, might be a cock, nice handling bird, with a nice reddish/y/br iris and serration off from the pupil


Super breeders here from Rick Nanez.  He has some of the best out there and wins numerous OLR's with them.  So here is your chance to get a very good one.

Father is IF 2014 Nanez 392, bred off 'Ever-Constant and Kliene Dirka".  He's full brother to 'Iron Clad' Rick's one of newest great breeders.

Mother to 809 is 14 Nanez 815 bred from "Dark Horse and Ms Relable".  Both super breeders of winning birds in muliple races and especially the 2015 SAMDR.

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