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Auction Time: September 26, 2022 / 07:13 PM PDT
Auction 78623
Sire 5th Final 10 overall average, Dam 10th Final, 4th overall average SAMDPR
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 6856's full and 1/2 siblings have bred over 7 1st place olr winners throughout the country. 6856 is a full sibling to Magic Mary, winner of 82nd final Victoria Falls yb series olr and 26th final, 39th overall average, 2018 Victoria Falls Yearling race. 6856 is also a grandchild of Miss Black, now owned by Hardy Kruger.

Miss Black bred as followed: ( Looking only at the samdpr)

14/15 - Black Champ, 9th final race, 4th grand average

15/16 - Crazy Bird, 17th final race, 3rd grand average

16/17 - Alphason, 206th final race

17/18 - Black Gold, 10th HS2

Grand Children

17/18 Black 1 - 13th final race


6856 is an excellent cock bird. He is a medium bird with soft feathers and very strong wings. He bred me a good racer at the 2020 Southern Belle. He was scarcely used and can do much more in the breeding loft than what I can use.

Sire - Blitz 6 0759-DV-15-0713  SAMDPR 15/16 Blitz 6 placed 5th on the final and 10th overall average speed. Only 55 day birds.


Dam: "Black Champ" 2910-DV-14-341

SAMDPR 14/15 Black Champ took 9th place in the final, only 17 day birds. She was also 4th overall average speed winner with over 6,000 entered that season. Black Champ also won the "Golden Pendant Award". Black Champs relative from the sire's side placed 10th on the very tough final samdpr in 2020, only 3 day birds!

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