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Auction Time: December 09, 2023 / 12:30 AM PDT
Auction 81680
Blue Bar Cock, KFL-451-2022 ( Inbred Wolverine mate to Mr. Fletcher Hen, super nice)
Auction #81680
John Karnofel (KFL)




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Auction Start: 11/22/2023 / 04:42 PM PDT  
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  Location: Pigeon Auctions
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Blue Bar Cock, KFL-451-2022 (Inbred Wolverine mate to Mr. Fletcher Hen, super nice)


BBC-KFL-451 is a very well-bred Wolverine, Mr. Fletcher mating. This has been a very good mating for the one loft races for me. VL-63 is a new addition to my loft. I only sent two out of him to the one loft races this year.
One was on the 1st drop in the Blue Bucket Race KFL-419, she was also 11th average speed winning $3,000. Both KFL-419 and KFL-420 showed well in all the races. Results can be found on the Bucket web page. In addition to those results in the CVOLR (Central Valley One Loft Race) Osty Lofts won 1st place and 1st over-all with a granddaughter of Mr. Fletcher, and Lindbergh Flyers won 3rd place and 3rd over-all with a granddaughter of Mr. Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher has been my foundation cock for many years. When his children are mated to the Wolverines, they seem to be excellent. Last year my GFL-89, my direct son of the Wolverine when mated to BBH-5522(she is the mother to KFL-451 for sale now) had a youngster that was on the 1st drop 4 out of 5 races KFL-313. Race records are available on the web site of CVOLR.
BBC-KFL-451 is a medium size cock, Well built with wonderful feather and eye coloration. I believe he will make a very good addition to any loft. If you have any questions please e-mail me at or call 831-809-4591. Thanks for looking. John

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